In this special episode, Mike sits down with Dean Killmon to talk about his battle with past abuse and personal struggles and how the Lord used Celebrate Recovery to bring healing and hope. Dean has lead CR at Heritage for 6 years and has seen God work in incredible ways in the lives of those who attend. If you have ever experienced the pain of past hurts or are currently wrestling with harmful habits then this is an episode for you. Mike and Dean discuss the realities of living in our broken world and the healing that can come through the Christian community and specifically Celebrate Recovery.

Celebrate Recovery’s 9-week series, “Life’s Healing Choices” is beginning on September 8th at 6:45pm at Heritage Baptist Church. The group closes after 3 weeks in order to provide confidentiality among those attending. 

If you are interested in Celebrate Recovery and/or “Life’s Healing Choices” you can find more details on the HBC Website or the CR Facebook Page