Heritage Baptist Church has recently purchased columbariums for those seeking a place to lay ashes of themselves or loved ones upon death.

The columbariums encircle the Ebenezer and is surrounded by landscaping, in order to provide a beautiful place for family and friends to gather and remember their loved ones. For more information see the details below or contact Pastor Allen.

What is the central monument?

As we moved into the new millennium at 12:01 AM on January 1, 2000, HBC was not hunkered down in fear of the then-infamous Y2K. Instead, over 1000 of our members were worshipping around our newly revealed Ebenezer monument. At that worship service, the Millennial Commitment was made, a commitment to a well-lived life. It is in this Ebenezer setting that our columbarium is now located.


Why consider cremation?

Cremation, the expedited process of dust-to-dust, is now used by more than 50% in the USA, including Christians. Cremation’s increasing popularity is largely due to its significant savings versus burial. HBC’s columbarium is offered to bless our members with the opportunity to save even more. HBC’s most expensive columbarium option is less than one-third the cost of the average of the least expensive options locally.


Flyover of the Columbarium