Youth Tomorrow in the Sr High Room at 6:45 PM

As we continue our summer series on Respectable Sins tomorrow night, Pastor Nathan will focus on the sin of discontentment. We will study Philippians 4 and will talk about how “contentment is not determined by circumstance but by the beliefs you have going into those circumstances”. 

We invite all students to join us Wednesday evenings over the summer as we consider various sins the church too often overlooks. It’s easy to point fingers at some of the “larger” sins of our culture, yet how many reading this live in discontentment or anger? How many among us are loose with their tongues, evidenced by gossip and slander? What about a spirit marked by complaint and frustration? By the time this series wraps up, we’ll have defined and brought clarity to particular sins of our hearts and minds, which will lead us to one undeniable conclusion: ALL of us need Jesus!

Youth Summer Events

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2- Combined Service at 10:30 AM (No Youth)

5- No Youth

July 18- August 1- Youth STMT to Tanzania



11- Youth Amusement Park Day

9- Parent Night Out

16- No Wednesday Night Youth

23- Small Groups Start