Youth Tomorrow Night // 6:45 PM in the Sr High Room

Tomorrow night is the first Wednesday night of 2023 and it is a snack night!!
We will also begin a two month series(!) entitled “Matter Matters”. This series will be looking exclusively at our physical bodies to gain a Biblical understanding of the material that we cannot ignore. Over the next two months we will be talking about why God made our physical body, how we are to understand the relationship we have with our physical bodies, how sin corrupts our physical bodies, and how Christ redeems our whole self by sacrificing His physical body.
Tomorrow night specifically we will be looking at Psalm 139:13-14 and drawing out this simple conclusion: Our physical bodies are a gift to us, not a curse on us. For a world dissatisfied with how I look physically, or frustrated by how my feelings don’t match up my biological makeup, this lesson will be foundational to understanding that God as Maker designs our bodies with a specific purpose and attention to detail. This thought will be critical for the remainder of our series.
Some questions that could be asked for small group:
  • Why do you think God gives us a physical body?
  • When the Bible talks about “you” as a person, what does that encompass? 
  • What stands out about God in tonight’s lesson?
  • How do you see yourself in relation to God after going through tonight’s lesson?
  • What was new, or something you were reminded of, tonight? How will that apply to this next week?

Trivia Night Save the Date- February 17 and 24

Save the Date for our second annual Trivia Night Fundraisers on February 17 and February 24! All proceeds from these events will go towards our youth mission trip to Tanzania! More information to come and registration will open soon!