Youth Tomorrow Night // 6:45 PM in the Sr High Room

For the lesson this Wednesday, we are continuing onward in our “Matter Matters” series, this time looking at the topic of “Rightly Identifying Our Body“. In this lesson, we will give a biblical overview of how the body relates to my identity. The central point from this lesson: “You are a body…but you’re not only a body.”
We will look at Genesis 2, where it clearly lays out in Scripture that your physical body is an integral part to who you are, making your body more than an object. Your body IS you. This teaching has massive implications for areas such as substance abuse, transgenderism, and so on.
We will then turn to 1 Samuel 16 to see that though my body is me, it’s not the only part of me. I’m more than a physical body, and so are you. This perspective keeps us from idolizing our bodies or making broad assumptions about people based on their looks, and influences our conversations in areas like eating disorders, racism and so on.
Some questions for this week could include:
  • If you were to choose one or the other, would you say you give no thought to your physical body or too much?
  • What are dangers in treating our bodies as mere objects, and not as parts of ourselves? What are dangers in idolizing our physical bodies?
  • What stood out to you in this lesson that you hadn’t considered before or needed reminding?
  • How could this lesson apply to your life this week?

Sunday Morning Hospitality Team

Student Ministries has been invited to help out with the churchwide hospitality team four times throughout 2023! We would love to see many of you serve the church in this way this year!

Our first time serving as a youth group is on Sunday, February 12! We need to know how many of you can commit to helping, so please register if you are able to help on this date. Please read the info below for additional important information.

  • Date: February 12
  • Time:
    • Meet at 8:28 AM in the IP for prayer and instructions
    • First service commitment: 8:45-9:15 am
    • Second service commitment: 10:15-10:45 am
    • By signing up, you are committing to help with both services. However, if you are only able to help during one service, please email

The deadline to sign up is January 29

Trivia Night Registration is Open!

Join us for our second annual churchwide Trivia Nights on February 17 and 24! All proceeds from these two events will go towards this summer’s Youth Mission Trip to Tanzania!


  • February 17 and February 24 from 6-9 PM in the HBC International Plaza
  • 4-6 people per team (table) – If you don’t have a team you can still sign up individually and you’ll join a team that night!
    • Make sure EVERYONE on your team registers!
    • Be ready to list your team when you register.
  • $13 per person
  • If you would like to purchase a main meal for dinner, you must sign up for it and pay when you complete registration. Please see the menu below.  
  • Concessions and snacks (popcorn, nachos, and dessert) will also be available for purchase on the night of the event. Please bring cash if possible.
  • Prizes will be given away to the winners of each round and the grand prize winners!


  • Salad meal- Large Salad with Grilled Chicken and Veggies and Drink $10
  • Hot Dog Meal- Two All-Beef Hot Dogs, Chips, and a Drink- $5
  • Chili Meal- Bowl of Chili, Side of Cornbread, and Drink- $7

Registration Links

February 17 (Deadline is Feb 12)

February 24 (Deadline is Feb 19)