No Youth Group for Christmas Break

We will not have youth group for the next two Wednesday nights (December 21 and December 28) and for the next two Sunday mornings (December 25 and January 1). We hope that you have a great Christmas with your families and we will see you on Wednesday night, January 4!

Intersect Camp- Deadline to Register is January 1!

Join us for Word of Life Intersect Camp this winter! You do not want to miss these 44 hours of fun activities with friends, relevant teaching, and growing deeper in your relationship the Lord!

Dates: February 3-5, 2023

-We will depart from HBC on Friday, February 3 at 9 AM (arrive at 8:30 am for registration) and we will arrive back at HBC on Sunday, February 5 at 10 PM. (Meet in the Senior High Room)


Students That Received WOL Scholarship for the 2021-2022 Year AND did NOT use it for summer camp last summer: $15 required deposit (covers transportation)

If you earned WOL scholarship, we will apply your reward on our end, so no code is needed.

Students That Did Not Receive WOL Scholarship OR already used their WOL scholarship for summer camp: $140 (covers camp cost and $15 deposit)

-Leaders: $70

Important Details//

-You can find the packing list HERE.
-Find out more about what we will be doing at Intersect Camp HERE.
– A required WOL health form will be sent out soon, so please fill it out when you receive the email
-If you haven’t already, please fill out the required HBC Medical Form HERE.

The deadline to sign up is January 1.



New Wednesday Night Series in January

Parents, please read this message from Pastor Nathan Fox.
We take very seriously the commitment to not only teaching the whole counsel of God’s Word, but informing you as parents on where we are going in teaching as you disciple your teen child. We feel this level of communication is necessary in equipping you for productive follow-up conversations with your teen, as well as fostering a culture of open conversation and transparency regarding all things youth ministry at HBC. With that said, I want to draw special attention to a series we are doing in the months of January and February on Wednesday nights. 
Beginning in the new year we are doing a series entitled “Matter Matters”, a series specifically focused on the physical bodies God has given us. We are told to love the Lord our God, and we often speak to loving Him with our hearts and minds (as we should). But I’m convicted that we don’t talk as often about our physical bodies and how we can love Him with those as well (which we are called to do if we follow Him). So this series will lay the groundwork for an understanding of what God has to say about our physical bodies, as well as touching on some particular topics relevant to teen culture (see below). Here is the upcoming schedule for the next two months:
  1. January 4th- “Being Wonderfully Made” (Central Theme: Our physical bodies are gifts, not curses.)
  2. January 11th- “Physical Presence” (Central Theme: We relate best to one another in physical proximity.)
  3. January 18th- “Right Identity” (Central Theme: Our bodies aren’t to be worshipped, but they aren’t to be ignored either)
  4. January 25th- “Broken and Afflicted (Central Theme: The impact of sin on my physical body)
  5. February 1- “Broken Paths: Part 1 (Central Theme: Focus on what Scripture says about transgenderism and how we converse on that topic)
  6. February 8- “Broken Paths: Part 2 (Central Theme: Focus on substance intake and why what we put into our body matters)
  7. February 15- “Broken to Redeem” (Central Theme: How the broken physical body of Jesus redeems ALL of me)
  8. February 22- “Here and There” (Central Theme: How we love Jesus with our bodies now, with an eye on what’s to come in heaven)
I recognize the direction of a couple of these nights may elicit some questions (especially on the topic of transgenderism). Note that Scripture doesn’t shy from these present conversations, and neither will I. But in all things I aim to glorify Christ by shepherding your children well, so no part of that night will be crass or crude. If we can be better equipped with an understanding our bodies, how sin impacts our physical bodies, and what Christ has done for us by giving His physical body…praise God I’ve done my job! 
I finish by reminding you that my door is open, my phone/email available to you (also a part of my job!). If you have questions, please ask away. If you want to sit in on a lesson, please let me know. May God be glorified by this series, and may His people see His goodness in it all!
-Pastor Nathan Fox