Small Groups Begin TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the first night of small groups! Pastor Nathan will begin a two part series called “The Bridge”, looking specifically at the word “conversion”, and figuring out how spiritual disciplines play into our becoming more and more like Christ. We will look at this process of conversion, see the faithful hand of God in it, and see our responsibility on a daily basis.

Some questions to consider:

  • Why is a foundation of grace in your life so critical, compared to a foundation of “try harder and do better”?
  • What is one area of your life right now that you see doesn’t line up with Christ, and how can we help you get “there”?
  • What spiritual disciplines can you think of that have been helpful to you?

Youth Disciple Making Team- August 28

Register HERE. The deadline to register is TOMORROW, August 24 so that we can plan for food. 

11th and 12th graders, we want to invite you to consider joining our first-ever Youth Disciple Making Team this year! We will meet once a month over the course of a year and will focus on growing in our faith, developing tools to share the Gospel with unbelievers, and practicing living out our faith as a team. We are so excited to see how the Lord will work over the next year through this team!

Lunch will be provided for this meeting and we will share more about what being a part of a youth disciple-making team will look like this next year! We hope you will join us!

Date: August 28
Time: 12-2 PM
Location: Jr High Room
Cost: Free (Lunch will be provided)

WOL Quiet Time Book Registration

Please use this registration to purchase your student’s Word of Life Quiet Time for the year. This quiet time is for students that are interested in earning WOL scholarship this year or students that are looking for a quiet time to go through this year. For more information on WOL Scholarship, go HERE.

Student- $22
Parent- $22
Small Group Leader or Admin- $11

We have two types of quiet time books available for purchase. Please read the descriptions below and click on the attached link to access the inside of each book. 

Interactive Quiet Time– Recommended for 7th-8th grade students. Provides a more structured approach to quiet time and prayer by including guiding questions based on scripture.

Commentary Quiet Time–  Recommended for 9th-12th grade students. Gives students a daily Scripture reading and commentary, a place to journal what they learned from the passage, and a section to write personal applications each day.

Register HERE. You can pick up your student’s book at the Info Center Desk on Wednesday Nights or at Parent Night Out. Please contact Elizabeth Huggins ( if you have any questions. 

Youth Merch Pre-Order Registration

We are selling NEW HBC Student Ministries Merch this fall! We have some cute and comfy crewnecks & comfort color long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts! Check out the different options, sizes, and pictures HERE, and pre-order yours by September 14!