Heritage baptist church

Men's Ministry

2021 Recalibrate Men’s Conference


There is much that could be said about 2020.  As a church, we feel compelled by Christ to refrain from saying what our flesh would like to indulge.

A new year is coming.  As we’ve seen with just about every other plan, uncertainty still abounds.  Despite that, we must proceed forward and would like to proudly announce our plans to have our Men’s Conference on April 30 – May 2, 2021.

Are you serious?
Yes (as much as it depends on us)

Is this really going to happen?
Yes (as much as it depends on us)

2020 has ripped away many things from our lives.  Some of those things were difficult to lose because we enjoyed them – the comfort of fellowship within our church, the ease of travel, being in close proximity to others.  Christ has also used this unforeseen year to strip away our idols and comforts.

Have we responded well?  We are sure that some have.  But for many in our community, the isolation has led to retreat – alcohol, pornography, fantasy, or anything else that numbs the soul.  We have been told for almost an entire year that we should be concerned about ourselves first.  We’ve been told that retreating from others was the safe thing to do.  After enough time, these messages can leave an imprint.

So we ask ourselves this today: Have I continued to live the life that Christ has called me to live?  Whether by intentionally choosing to disobey Christ or through the natural slipping that happens with time and distance, we are all in need of an opportunity to recalibrate.

“Recalibrate” is the theme of our conference.  It is our time to see how we’ve drifted and find the right course again.  We invite you to join us in this mission.

More details to follow!

DATE: April 30 – May 2, 2021

Location: The Cove | Asheville, NC

Primary Speaker: Pastor Nathan Smith 

Estimated Cost: $340