When we began to think about encouraging the body at Heritage to pursue God “Together Through the Bible,” we threw ideas around about how it might bring people together and give them a common language and common experience in this season of their spiritual growth. We hypothesized about what it would look like at the end of 2023 if people would pursue God together in this way. We wondered how families, marriages, Discipleship Communities, and ministry teams would change and grow if they were discussing how God was revealing Himself through His Word while they were literally all on the same page of Scripture. The first three months of this journey have far surpassed my expectations. I’m astounded to know how many have decided to join “Together Through the Bible” (645 at last count). My jaw has dropped when I’ve heard of all the small group discussions taking place (a men’s group meets at 6:30am every other Thursday at Heritage in the room we call Israel if you’re looking for one). A smile appears on my face every time I hear the phrase “In our Bible reading…” begin someone’s sentence.

Have you noticed people talking this way? Where have you heard it? I’ve heard it in worship services, Discipleship Communities, the Wednesday Night Gathering, small group discussions, staff meetings, and around my dinner table.

More than I’ve ever experienced before, God’s Word is becoming that common ground that allows relationships to build in the body.

I know that as followers of Jesus we should be People of the Book. Logically, believers at Heritage should read God’s Word and talk about it, but what is so thrilling to me is how easy and encouraging that experience has been when so many people have recently read the exact same thing. The nodding of my head along with someone’s account of their “Glimpse of God” is no longer a symbol of my assent to a truth that simply sounds familiar and an affirmation of their experience, but a symbol of praise to the God that I have also gotten a better Glimpse of through the same recent reading of Scripture, even when my Glimpse is different from their Glimpse. (Even our varied Glimpses testify of the gracious gift we have in God’s Living Word.)

God is binding us together in a special way through reading the Bible together this year. I hope you are noticing it too. More than I’ve ever experienced before, God’s Word is becoming that common ground that allows relationships to build in the body. I, for one, am thrilled that it is the shared experience about which you and I can have a real conversation.

Dave Ashburn


Dave has been a member of HBC since 2015 and joined our staff in 2022. He and his wife, Megan, deeply love family time with their kids playing games, and exploring the outdoors. Dave also enjoys airplanes, spicy tacos, and good coffee.