2021 Christmas Offering

This year our Christmas offering is taking peace to the nations by embracing Afghan families who will be resettling in our community and by encouraging our sent workers overseas. 

Find out more about each initiative below or click the buttons to give of your money or service for this year’s offering. 

Click here to learn about serving Afghans in our area.

$ 98,829

Amount Received

Other Ways to Give:

Check – Please make payable to Heritage Baptist Church with “Christmas Offering” in the memo line

Text – Text 84321 with the amount plus “Christmas Offering” (example: 50 Christmas Offering)

embracing the stranger

Afghan Evacuee Resettlement Initiative

Recently our family at Heritage quickly responded to the growing needs of Afghan evacuees at a nearby base in a profound way. Yet, even as money was coming in, the needs of these precious people were changing. 

By the grace of God, the immediate physical needs of the evacuees have been provided for and now Heritage desires to help in an even greater way, by helping Afghan families resettle in Lynchburg.

Financial Help. Physical Care.

In order to help Afghan families resettle, we will be relying on financial help to pay for initial living expenses and basic necessities. There is also a need for physical care, as families may need help with transportation, education, employment, and more.

Whether you are ready to give of your money or your time, we know the Lord will use both to further His Kingdom.

encouraging the sent

Ministering to our Sent Workers

Heritage is dedicated to the proclamation of the gospel around the world by raising up, training, and supporting global workers. 

While the Stateside discovery and equipping stages are more visible to our entire church family, once workers are launched, much work continues behind the scenes in their shepherding care. Whether through small groups or larger teams, Heritage has made the regular encouragement of our workers a priority.


Refresh 2022

This coming year we are planning to send a large team to minister to our global workers by providing Bible teaching, corporate worship, counseling, activities for the children, and rest.

Part of the Christmas Offering will go to help pay for this team’s travel expenses and the resources needed to encourage our sent workers after two very difficult years overseas. 

Here I am, send me 

Opportunities to Serve our Afghan Neighbors

Heritage is working with local organizations to help minister to Afghan evacuees who are being resettled locally. If you are interested in actively serving, consider signing up on the form below.

Practical Resettlement Help

We are planning to come alongside a few Afghan families in order to help in the resettlement process. There are a variety of practical ways to help in this effort depending on your availability.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in helping with our resettlement initiative.

CLICK HERE to purchase home supplies for Afghan families resettling in our area.