Thank You for Participating in Trivia Night!

Details for Trivia Night

      • Friday, March 25 from promptly 6-9 PM in the IP (Doors open at 5:45 PM)
      • When you arrive at Trivia Night, please use the entrance in the IP by the welcome desk and resource center.
      • We will be offering dinner for purchase upon arrival.
      • If you plan to purchase dinner, please use the order form HERE to let us know what you are planning to purchase. The deadline for this is Wednesday, March 23.
      • Concessions will be available throughout the night and do not need to be preordered.
      • Please bring cash or a check to pay for food. We will have credit options but cash or check is preferred.

      Concessions Menu

      (Orange options MUST be ordered ahead using the order form by Wednesday, March 23)

      Pizza (Four Meat, Pepperoni, and Cheese options)- $2

      Marinated Grilled Chicken Salad with Veggies- $7

      Nachos and Cheese- $3

      Popcorn- $1

      Brownie with Ice Cream- $3

      Brownie- $2

      Ice Cream Cup- $2

      Coffee- $1

      Soda- $1

      Bottled Water- $1