Youth Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, we will begin a new series for November called “Garrison”, a 3 part series looking at the value of the heart and the mind and areas in our life in which we ought to be guarded. Specifically this week we are looking into Proverbs 4 and making this point: The heart and mind are to be treasured and protected. Pastor Nathan will be looking at the value of the heart and mind, the overlap of one’s affections and thoughts, and how a healthy internal life leads to a godly external life. 
Here are some questions to consider as a small group:
  • How does last month’s series on God the Father help us to understand this father in Proverbs 4?
  • What do you find you are affectionate about (outside of Jesus)? Have you seen that become a problem or an idol in your life?
  • How do you think movies/music play a part in your thinking and affections? (A prelude to a couple of weeks from now)

It is also a SNACK NIGHT tomorrow night!!


Reverb Important Details!

WOL Reverb is this Friday, November 4! Please read the details below regarding this event.

  • Arrive at HBC (youth portico) at 5:30 PM on Friday night for check-in. We will arrive back at HBC Saturday morning around 7:30 AM.
  • This all-night event is in Roanoke this year so we are providing transportation and will be meeting at HBC to go there as a group and returning to HBC as a group after the event.
  • Bring some extra spending money. A pizza dinner will be provided but served later in the evening. Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the night.
  • Both waiver forms are due TOMORROW, November 2 so please complete those if you have not already completed them!
    • The trampoline park waiver form can be found HERE. Please sign this and scan it to OR please fill the form out at the student info desk tomorrow night. (tomorrow night is the last night you will be able to do this)
    • The HBC Medical Form also MUST be filled out and can be filled out HERE. This only needs to be filled out once a year so if you have already completed it for another event, you will not need to complete it again.
  • Our group’s team color is RED in case you want to wear red for the rally!
  • The Berglund Center (where we are going for the hockey game) has a strict clear bag policy. Please refer to the Berglund Center’s Policies and Procedures to see what is prohibited inside the venue as well as an illustrated guide on approved bags.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions about this information!


Christmas Party- December 2

Students and leaders, join us for this year’s Christmas party, “Holiday Havoc!” This event will be filled with a variety of fun activities, including a small group lip sync contest, a spoons tournament, a Christmas cookie competition, and a gift exchange!

If you plan to participate in the “Roll, Swap, and Steal” gift exchange or the cookie decorating competition, you will need to bring a gift that is $10 or less and you will need to make and decorate cookies prior to the party and bring them with you! 

Date: December 2
Time: 7-10 PM
Location: HBC Chapel
Cost: $5

We are not providing dinner but we will be providing savory and sweet appetizers! 

Registration is open and you can sign up HERE!

November Book Recommendations

Moving forward we (Ashley and I) want to give books that have been helpful for us as followers of Christ, as husband/wife and certainly as parents. Here is a duo of books that “marry” well together, really highlighting some core Gospel principles in parenting, even amidst the busyness and tiredness that is leading a child/teen every single day. We hope these two books, should you choose to read them, bless you in the weeks ahead!