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Self-Checkout Option

A selection of books recommended by pastors or classes at HBC will be available on the shelf outside of the Resource Center for Self-Checkout. Please fill out the form located with the books and leave it in the check-out box to be processed later.

New Location

The Resource Center is now located in the plaza so that your family can easily find the latest books and other resources. 

Pastor’s Pick

Want a pastor’s recommendation on some of the latest books available? Our Pastor’s Pick is a great place to start.

Gadsby’s Hymns is a classic, esteemed collection of 1,156 hymns of rich theological content, many of which are not found in any other current hymnal. Contains: Gadsby’s original hymns; his 1st and 2nd supplements; Hart’s hymns and occasional hymns.


If you have a question about a specific author, book, or theological resource, contact Pastor Jeff at jeff@hbclynchburg.com.