Youth Tomorrow Night at 6:45 PM

Tomorrow night, we will be continuing our series titled “Sweetness: Savoring Scripture in Everyday Life,” by looking into James 1 as the Word of God is described by James. Specifically, we will be looking at this point: The Word of God produces a righteousness that the words of man cannot. We will be evaluating the insufficiencies of man’s words, how we cannot change the hearts and wills of men…but the Word of God planted in us upon belief changes our very lives. It’s a mirror that informs our present state, but a text to be obeyed as we move closer and closer into the image of Christ. 

Some questions for small groups could include:

  • When you look in an actual mirror, what sorts of things are you looking for? When you look into the mirror that is the Word of God, what sorts of things are you looking for?
  • What does it mean, and look like, to look intently into the Word of God?
  • What kind of power do our human words have? What limitations do our human words have?
  • What kind of power does the Word of God have? What has that looked like in your life?

Summer 2024 Trip Application is Open!

Applications for our Summer 2024 trips are open! Here are some details for both trips.


  • Dates: July 15-24
  • Cost: $3,599
  • Open to 10th-12th grade students
  • Educational trip with a missional flavor to experience the Bible come alive and exposure to the many unreached people groups of the Holy Land.

Local Mission Trip

  • Dates: June 3-7
  • Cost: $300
  • Open to 7th-12th grade students (10th-12th can only apply for Israel OR the Local Mission Trip)
  • Serving in and around Lynchburg alongside the church community and our outreach ministry partners

Apply to the Summer 2024 Trips  HERE (Deadline: September 10)

Youth Hang Out Night- September 8

Save the date for our next Hang Out Night on September 8! This fun event to kick off the beginning of the year will be a fun time to hang out with friends, play games inside or outside, and spend time getting to know people!
Date: Friday, September 8
Time: 6-8 PM
Location: Youth Rooms and the Commons
We are not providing dinner but we will have some snacks.
Register now at the link below before September 6!

WOL Quiet Time Book Registration is Open!

One of our core values as a youth ministry is to help students develop their own faith by learning how to prioritize spiritual disciplines. Offering WOL Scholarship is one way that we seek to implement this value. WOL Scholarship provides a measurable way for parents and small group leaders to hold students accountable through tracking these spiritual disciplines throughout the year. The goal is accountability and growth in order to, Lord-willing, establish life-long habits. For a breakdown of each category required for WOL scholarship, please read our updated WOL Scholarship Informational Booklet.

If your student is interested in completing WOL Scholarship this year and would like to purchase a quiet time book, they can purchase it online and it will be available to be picked up each Wednesday night!

Find out more information about the difference between the two quiet time books, see the cost of the books, and purchase your student’s quiet time book HERE!

Parent Night Out Recap and Helpful Links

Here is an overview of what was covered during Parent Night Out a few weeks ago!


  • Please read the WOL Scholarship Informational BookletThis book was gone over in detail during Parent Night Out to help you all as parents understand the purpose behind WOL and the scholarship requirement if your student decide to pursue earning WOL Scholarship this year. Please read this and reach out to us if you have any questions at all!
  • Our main ways of communicating with you all as parents is through our Weekly 411, our Instagram page, and our Facebook page. Our Student Webpage is also a helpful resource with info about WOL Scholarship, helpful links, and info about youth ministry. Make sure to stay up to date with youth ministry by reading these pages regularly throughout the year!
  • Check out our Year at a Glance Calendar for the year! We are excited for these events!
  • If your student plans to participate in any of these events this year, please fill out our annual Health Form. This must be filled out each year for each student that is in youth ministry.

Please reach out if you have any questions about this information!