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Our Student Ministries Weekly 411 is updated every Tuesday with information that is important to you and your student. Check back weekly and stay up-to-date.

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Student Ministries 411- May 15 & 22

Youth Wednesday Night - May 15 & May 22

This Wednesday and next Wednesday we will be continuing our series called “Everyday Liturgy.” On May 15, Pastor Nate will be teaching on conversations we have (in person, mobile, with ourselves even). We will be looking at how we use thousands of words every single day, and how the Bible calls us into purposeful and meaningful conversations.

On May 22nd (the last night of small groups) Pastor Nate will be teaching on Work and Play. The lesson will be focused on the goodness of both work and play, the necessity of working hard (and enjoying good work) but also too stepping back from the work and playing well. Both are critical in their own respective ways in the life of the believer, and should be something we consider with great enthusiasm and intentionality.

Summer 2024 Calendar

Check out our Summer 2024 calendar! 

Heritage Hangout Night

Join us on June 5 for a church-wide summer event- Heritage Hangout Night! Throughout the year our church holds many different events to ultimately foster in-depth study of Scripture and deep discipleship, but our hope with this event is that it will be a special time where all of us can fellowship by laughing together!

Bring a game to share and come to the IP, and we will have ice cream for everyone to enjoy!

Nursery, preschool, and 1-5th grade childcare is available. Drop off locations are the same as normal summer nights for nursery / preschool and Global Kids.

Please register everyone who plans to attend (including children who will be going to nursery, preschool, or Global Kids) so that we can make preparations!

Deadline to register is Wednesday, May 29! Register HERE!

Rising 7th Grade Parent Meet and Greet // May 22 at 8:15 PM

Rising 7th grade parents, we want to invite you and your student to a meeting with Pastor Nate Fox on May 22 at 8:15 PM (right after Awana awards) in Korea. This will be a chance for you to meet with Pastor Nathan Fox and hear about youth ministry as your student prepares to step into 7th Grade!

WOL Scholarship Deadline

The WOL Scholarship deadline is quickly approaching! Students must have 500 points by May 31 in order to earn scholarship for this school year. (May 22 is the last night to turn in points to your small group leader)

For more information about what is required for scholarship, please read through the WOL Scholarship Informational Booklet HERE! Please also reach out if you have any questions!

Summer Camp Information

If your student is registered for WOL Summer Camp, here are some important details below! 

Important Details

  • Dates: June 15- June 22
    • We will depart from HBC on Saturday, June 15 at 11 PM and arrive back at HBC on Saturday, June 22 around 2 PM (Meet in the Senior High Room for registration on June 15 at 10 PM)
  • If you earn WOL scholarship this year (2023-2024), we will apply your reward on our end, so no code is needed. Everyone (regardless of scholarship) is required to pay the $50 transportation fee.
  • A required WOL health form was sent out this morning (an email sent from WOL) so please fill that out ASAP!
  • If you haven’t already, please fill out the required HBC Medical Form HERE.
  • You can find the packing list HERE.
  • The deposit of $50 is nonrefundable.
  • There is an additional nonrefundable charge of $50 if your student drops out of camp, regardless of scholarship, now that the deadline has passed. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we are requiring this because WOL requires us to pay this amount if anyone drops out after their deadline. However, if you find someone to cover your spot or we have a waitlist, we will not require this.