Youth Tomorrow Night at 6:45 PM

Tomorrow night, we will be continuing our “Techwise” series and will be looking at what we do with tech and how it showcases our hearts and goals. We will be looking in Genesis 6 at Noah, and how he used tech to glorify God in faith…and then contrasting with Genesis 11 at the Tower of Babel, looking at how humanity there used tech to make a name for themselves (vainly glorifying self).
Here are some questions to consider:
-Why should God care what I do with my hands?
-Can digital devices be used for God and His glory? How so? Conversely, can digital devices be used for selfish desires? How so?
-In what area of your life do you glorify God with the things He has given to you? Where do you find your heart using tech firstly for yourself? 

VBS Volunteer Registration is Open!

We are so excited for the Jerusalem Marketplace VBS this summer from June 5-9! We would love to invite you (students, leaders, and parents) to serve alongisde the church during this week-long event led by our children’s ministry at Heritage! There are a ton of ways to get involved with VBS this summer so make sure to check the link below to see the different volunteer options and to sign up to serve now!