worship arts ministry


Welcome to Rejoice WAM!

Rejoice Worship Arts Ministry is open to all HBC kids in grades 3-8. The ministry seeks to provide kids a way to foster their love of performance arts in an act of worship to Jesus Christ. 

We are so excited for rehearsals for our 2022 musical, Not Your Average Joe, to begin! If you are interested in learning more or joining, please read steps 1-6 to the right and complete the registration on Step 7! You can also email any questions to smitchell@hbclynchburg.com.

1: Welcome to Not Your Average Joe!

We invite all 3rd through 8th graders to participate in this year’s musical, Not Your Average Joe! “The classic Old Testament story of Joseph is retold in the exuberant times and music of the 50’s. It’s surfer beats, leather jackets, and surfboards, but the gospel truth remains the same … trust the Lord with all your heart.” – Little Big Stuff Music

2: Level of Involvement

We have chosen to create group parts as well as extra speaking parts so that each child can be featured in the musical production.  Each of these parts falls into one of three categories.  After reading this information, please indicate on your child’s registration the Level of Involvement you are comfortable with for your child. This will ensure that both the parents and the directors are “on the same page” when it comes to casting.

Level 1: Minimal Involvement

Parts assigned at this level will practice during regular choir rehearsals and the Friday evening stage rehearsal.  These parts do not require any early rehearsals.

Level 2: Moderate Involvement (groups with routines, small group & solo singing)

Parts assigned at this level will require 2-4 extra rehearsals and attendance at the Friday evening stage rehearsal.  These extra rehearsals will be held on Sundays preceding REJOICE choir rehearsal.   

Level 3: Maximum Involvement (cast with speaking roles)

Parts assigned at this level will require early rehearsals every Sunday after parts are announced (Sundays preceding REJOICE choir rehearsal) and attendance at the Friday evening stage rehearsal as well as cast blocking and technical rehearsals and the choir Dress Rehearsals. All speaking parts fall into this category. This level is only open for kids in grades 5-8. (If Level 3 is selected and your child is not cast in a speaking role, he/she will be assigned a part at Level 2.)

Please consider your choice of involvement carefully.  It creates major problems for the entire ministry team when the level of involvement chosen differs from what you are actually able to fulfill.

3: Spring Semester Schedule
  1. Sunday, February 13 – Auditions for 5th – 8th graders
  2. Sunday, February 20 – Kick-Off Night
  3. Following Kick-Off Night we will have 12 weeks of Sunday rehearsals with no rehearsals on Easter and Mother’s Day.
  4. Thurs, April 28 – Cast Blocking Rehearsal (speaking parts only) early evening – specific time TBA
  5. Friday, April 29 – Stage Rehearsal (all kids in the musical) early evening – specific time TBA
  6. Sunday, May 22 – Dress Rehearsal #1
  7. Sunday, May 29 – Dress Rehearsal #2
  8. Thurs, June 2 – Cast Technical Rehearsal (speaking parts only) early evening – specific time TBA
  9. Friday, June 3 – Final Rehearsal (all kids in the musical) early evening – specific time TBA
  10. Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5 – Performances @ 6pm
    4: Rehearsal Schedule

    Rejoice WAM Rehearsals for the musical will be held on Sundays following this schedule:

    • 4:30pm – 5:45pm Early Rehearsals
    • 5:45pm – 6pm Transition Time – Those who had early rehearsal have snack & bathroom break, while others are arriving.
    • 6pm – 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal for All Kids participating in the musical
    5: Costume Requirements
    • Choir Outfit: Families will be asked to provide all or part of their child’s outfit based on the specific requirements for each part.  Often there will be a choir t-shirt designed that all kids not in the cast will need to purchase and wear with their own pants (often blue jeans). 
    • Cast Costumes: Cast kids will have costumes made or purchased for them. There are usually supplemental pieces for families to provide to complete the costume.
    6: Musical Packet
    The musical packet consists of two parts: a booklet and audio ($11)
    • Booklet – A printed copy of the music. We teach from these booklets every Sunday during rehearsal.
    • Audio – This includes all the songs in the musical and is for listening outside of rehearsal time. It is available as a CD or as a digital download. The link for this download is emailed to families after purchase.
    • While it may be practical for siblings to share the audio portion of this packet, each one needs their own booklet. The cost for the extra booklet is $5.75.
    • Those who purchased these materials for the 2020 production may continue to use them.
    7: Registration

    Register here for Not Your Average Joe!