keeping kids safe

Ministry Safe

MinistrySafe is an organization that provides churches with awareness training and resources that equip volunteers to spot and report child sexual abuse.

As a church with hundreds of children and hundreds of volunteers, we recognize the potential for blind-spots and the need for our volunteers to be trained to see the things that we as a staff cannot see. That’s why we will be providing MinistrySafe training to all volunteers serving with minors. 

Heritage F.A.Q.

  • When does this need to be completed? 
    • In order to serve in Kids’ Ministry or Youth Ministry in the fall of ’22, MinistrySafe training must be completed by July 14.
  • How much time will this take?
    • All together, the videos take only approximately one hour to complete. The videos are broken into short segments, so there is flexibility in how to complete the training. Split it up over the course of a week, or knock it out all at once.
  • My wife, roommate, son, or friend also volunteers. Can we complete it together?
    • Yes! We encourage completing the training with others. We hope that this training can generate helpful conversations about how we can best protect our kids. We only ask that everyone completes the quiz at the end on their own for our records.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question about this training?