The Promise of the Messiah | 6:45 PM in the Chapel

At Heritage, our beliefs are grounded upon the truth found in the Bible. We believe the Bible to be inerrant, infallible, and authoritative for all of life. Therefore, we cherish the Scriptures and seek to proclaim that we all are sinners, yet God in His infinite love has made a way for us to be saved through faith in His Son, Jesus. Yet, many of us are not as familiar with the Bible as we would like to be; seeing scripture as a series of disconnected short stories rather than one unified narrative pointing to Jesus that reveals God’s purpose for us and all of creation. Whether you are new to the faith or grew up in the church, this 17-week study, the Promise of the Messiah Revealed in the Grand Narrative of Scripture, will help you understand and explain the true story of the world, and help you find your place within it. 

  • After completing this study, our people will:

    • Understand the overarching narrative and themes of the Bible and how it all points to Jesus.

    • Know and appreciate their own place in the larger story of the Scriptures.

  • Practically, after completing this study as a church we will be able to

    • Summarize and share the story of the Bible

    • Explain how Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises of the OT.

Details of Study
  1. Format of Study
    • The Gathering will be an hour and fifteen minutes starting at 6:45 pm and
      ending at 8:00 pm.
      b. Prayer time | 30 minutes (led by Jim Vernon)
      c. Worship | 5 minutes
      d. Creative Teaching | 40 minutes
  2. Sessions are non-sequential and meet for 11 weeks.
Teaching Team
  • Pastor Nathan Smith
  • Pastor Jeff Scott
  • Dr. Michael Smith
  • Dr. Harvey Hartman
  • Dr. Chris Gnanakan
  • David Ashburn

The Promise of the Messiah Revealed in the Grand Narrative of Scripture

  • The Promise-plan of God (Aug 17)
  • The Promise-plan of God (Aug 24)
  • Promise Presented (Aug 31)
  • Promise Renewed (Sept 7)
  • Promise Focused (Sept 14)
  • Promise Protected and Delivered (Sept 21)
  • Promise Codified (Sept 28)
  • Promise Tested (Oct 5)
  • Promise Crowned (Oct 12)
  • Promise Visualized (Oct 19)
  • Promise Reminded (Oct 26)
  • Promise Avenged (Nov 2)
  • Promise Realized and Victorious (Nov 9)
  • Promise Proclaimed (Nov 16)
  • No Gathering (Nov 23/ Thanksgiving)
  • Promise Visualized (Nov 30)
  • Promise Waiting (Dec 7)
  • Promise Unleashed and Consummated (Dec 14)

Global Workers Schedule

  • Justin & Lindsay (Aug 17)
  • N.A. Team (Aug 24)
  • Dr. Gnanakan (Aug 31)
  • Tim & Hannah (Sept 7)
  • Dustin & Angela (Sept 14)
  • Rod & Lindy Kidd (Sept 21)
  • Tyler & Jenni (Sept 28)
  • TBA (Oct 5)
  • Noah & Hannah (Oct 12)
  • Dwight & Melissa (Oct 19)
  • TBA (Oct 26)
  • Vernon & Mary (Nov 2)
  • Peter & Heather (Nov 9)
  • Local Community Leaders (Nov 16)
  • No Gathering (Nov 23/ Thanksgiving)
  • TBA (Nov 30)
  • TBA (Dec 7)
  • TBA (Dec 14)