The God Who is There | 6:45 PM in the Chapel

The Gathering meets for an hour and fifteen minutes and includes Global Ministry Updates, Prayer, Worship, and Bible Teaching.

This year at Heritage, we have been reading the Bible together chronologically with our attention on how God has revealed Himself through his Word. This summer, we are going to take a deeper look at some of these Glimpses of God which reveal his character to us. Join us for this study of The God Who is There as we seek to know and understand him better so we can worship him well and more effectively “declare his glory among the nations” (Ps. 96:2).

The God Who Is There

  • The God Who Does Not Wipre Out Rebels (June 14)
  • The God Who Reigns (June 21)
  • The God Who is Unfathomably Wise (June 28)
  • No WNG (July 5)
  • The God Who Becomes a Human Being (July 12)
  • The God Who Loves (July 19)
  • The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People (July 26)
  • The God Who is Very Angry (Aug 2)
  • The God Who Triumphs (Aug 9)
  • No WNG (Aug 16)

Global Workers Schedule

  • Jen S. (June 14)
  • Joshua & Taylor (June 21)
  • HBC Ministry Focus Night (June 28)
  • No WNG (July 5)
  • Youth STMT (July 12)
  • HBC Ministry Focus Night (July 19)
  • Dave & Anne S. (July 26)
  • Keith & Karen (Aug 2)
  • Peter & Heather M. (Aug 9)
  • No WNG (Aug 16)

Watch The Gathering Live or On-Demand

Each Wednesday around 7pm we broadcast the teaching section of The Gathering. We encourage everyone to join us live for the special time hearing from global workers, but if you are unable to make it you can stream past teachings here.

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