The Beauty of God in the Work of Salvation | 6:45 PM in the Chapel

Whether you have been saved for decades or are still exploring what it means to be a follower of Christ, we long for you to see the beauty of God in the work of salvation. In this 10-week study we are going to look at words we use when we describe the work of salvation. We hope to understand them beyond what the images of salvation mean for us and seek to find joy in how God reveals himself in this dramatic act of grace. 
After completing this study, we desire that our people will:
  • See the beauty of God in the work of salvation.
  • Have an understanding of the words of salvation that can be shared with anyone, including those with no previous exposure to Jesus.
Details of Study
The Gathering meets at 6:45-8:00 PM every Wednesday night in the Chapel. Each time we meet, we will enjoy a time of prayer for God’s work around the world, a time of worship, and a time of creative teaching from God’s Word. 
Teaching Team
  • Pastor Nathan Smith
  • Pastor Jeff Scott
  • Dr. Michael Smith
  • Dr. Harvey Hartman
  • Dr. Chris Gnanakan
  • Pastor David Ashburn
  • Pastor Nathan Fox
  • Pastor Mike Crump

The Beauty of God in the Work of Salvation

  • The Uniqueness of the Savior (Jan 4)
  • Election (Jan 11)
  • Regeneration/ Conversion (Jan 18)
  • Redemption (Jan 25)
  • Propitiation (Feb 1)
  • Justification (Feb 8)
  • Reconciliation (Feb 15)
  • Adoption (Feb 22)
  • Sanctification (Mar 1)
  • Glorification (Mar 8)

Global Workers Schedule

  • Clayton & Alyssa (Jan 4)
  • Dustin & Angela, Tyler & Jenni (Jan 11)
  • Michael & Caylin (Jan 18)
  • Todd & Amy (Jan 25)
  • Ed & Annita (Feb 1)
  • Joshua & Taylor (Feb 8)
  • Southeast Asia Trip Update (Feb 15)
  • HBC Ministry Focus Night (Feb 22)
  • TBA (Mar 1)
  • TBA (Mar 8)