Journey to Financial Freedom is designed to provide biblical and additional practical help with personal finances. This is during the same timeslot as the Wednesday Night Gathering (6:45 – 8 PM); therefore, kids and youth ministry is available through our normal Wednesday night programming of nursery, Awana, and Student Ministries so long as classroom spots are available.

The course will be an integration of:

  • Portions of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU)
  • Teaching on emotional spending from Know Yourself, Know Your Money 
  • Components of Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning
  • HBC plus other contributors

The next course begins January 2024. Registrations will be made available this fall.

What to Expect

The 8-week class plan

Week 1: The Biblical Basis and Theology of Stewardship & Generosity

Week 2: FPU Lesson 1 – Budgeting & the $1000 Starter Emergency Fund

Week 3: FPU Lesson 2 – Getting Rid of Debt

Week 4: Emotional Spending – Part 1

Week 5: FPU Lesson 3 – Fully Funded Emergency Fund AND Panel w/ Budget Hacks & Testimonies

Week 6: a) Emotional Spending – Part 2

Week 7: Compound Interest, Investments, & Automation

Week 8: FPU Lesson 4 – Investments, College Fund, Mortgage PAID, Build Wealth & Give

Teaching will be provided via video and live from the lectern. The atmosphere will be comfortable and non-threatening in order to provide opportunities for learning and discussions. While many Dave Ramsey resources are used in this class we may adjust some aspects in order to provide a greater perspective on personal finance.