The Alongside Podcast

Join Pastor Mike Crump as he comes alongside other followers of Christ for thoughtful conversations about the Gospel, Culture, and the Church.

Each episode provides a window into the heart and mind of the people of Heritage Baptist Church in order to encourage and inform the body of Christ. 

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Hosted by Mike Crump

Mike is pastor of kids and communication at Heritage Baptist Church. He began ministry in Christian radio, eventually becoming a pastor at a church in North Carolina before moving to Lynchburg to finish his masters at Liberty and join the team at HBC. 

Alongside Show Notes

Alongside Ep. 21: 4 Wrong Ways to Read Revelations

Alongside Ep. 21: 4 Wrong Ways to Read Revelations

In today's episode of the Alongside Podcast, Mike welcomes Pastor Nathan Fox to the microphone to discuss specific ways we shouldn't read the book of Revelation. Revelation is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, and with the popularity of prophecy...

Alongside Ep. 20 Men & Leadership

Alongside Ep. 20 Men & Leadership

On this episode of Alongside, Mike sits down with Dave Ashburn and Isaiah Griffith to talk candidly about men and leadership. They cover some of the misconceptions about leadership, weaknesses men have in finding deep community with others, and some of the key values...

Alongside Ep 19: Introducing Dave & Joshua

Alongside Ep 19: Introducing Dave & Joshua

Welcome to a special episode of the Alongside Podcast featuring a conversation with our newest staff members, Dave Ashburn and Joshua Hankins. Dave and Joshua were recently introduced at the January business meeting, but you can hear all about their life, ministry...

Alongside Ep. 18: Joshua H.

Last year Mike sat down with Joshua H. to talk about his life and plans for future global ministry. Due to the sensitivity of the area he and his wife and looking to go, we are limiting some content (including pictures) for their safety, During the conversation,...

Alongside Ep 17: Kristin Durand

Kristin Durand Director of Strategic Initiatives Today I am joined by one of the most focused and passionate people I have had the joy of knowing. She is the Director of Strategic Initiatives here at Heritage and is always brainstorming new and exciting ways to get...

Alongside Ep 16: Jamie Case

Jamie Case Assistant for Worship and Outreach Ministries In today's episode, Mike talks with Jamie Case, who is the ministry assistant for Worship and Outreach Ministries at Heritage. Jamie shares about some of the difficulties of growing up in an unchurched...