The Alongside Podcast

Join Pastor Mike Crump as he comes alongside other followers of Christ for thoughtful conversations about the Gospel, Culture, and the Church.

Each episode provides a window into the heart and mind of the people of Heritage Baptist Church in order to encourage and inform the body of Christ. 

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Hosted by Mike Crump

Mike is pastor of kids and communication at Heritage Baptist Church. He began ministry in Christian radio, eventually becoming a pastor at a church in North Carolina before moving to Lynchburg to finish his masters at Liberty and join the team at HBC. 

Alongside Show Notes

Alongside: Ep 5 – Pastor Nathan Fox

On today's podcast, we come alongside Nathan Fox, who is the pastor of student ministries at Heritage Baptist Church. Nathan shares about his life growing up in North Carolina and how the Lord met him at a very low point in his life. Mike and Nathan also discuss the...

Alongside: Ep 4 – Pastor Ben Melin

In today's episode, Mike comes alongside Pastor Ben Melin who is husband to Jessica, father to six active kids and the Pastor of Administration at Heritage. Today's conversation touches on Ben's life growing up, his time in the army, and we ask the question on...

Alongside: Ep 3 – Pastor Mike Morykon

In today's episode, Mike welcomes to the microphone another guy named Mike, with much better hair and a passion for people. Pastor Mike Morykon is the counseling pastor at Heritage Baptist Church, overseeing GraceCare Ministries. He meets regularly with people who are...

Alongside: Ep 2 – VBS with Zanna & Jamie

In today's episode, we talk to Zanna Warner and Jamie Banister about their love for kids and student ministries as well as details about the upcoming VBS at Heritage Baptist Church. This dynamic duo is helping coordinate a couple hundred volunteers and lots of...

Alongside: Ep1 – Go Groups w/ Nathan & Dustin

On the first episode of The Alongside Podcast, we welcome two guys who are passionate about the mission of the church to go into all the world making followers of Christ. Nathan & Dustin are part of Heritage Baptist Church's new Go Groups, which are comprised of...