Youth Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night is a worship night and we will start right at 6:45 pm! We are finishing up our “Garrison” series, focusing this Wednesday on how music impacts our hearts and minds.

Some small group questions to consider:

  • What is your favorite song and why?
  • Can you recall a time when a song was particularly meaningful to you?
  • Do messages in songs actually influence us, or are we truly able to listen to songs and appreciate the “beat” without being impacted by what the song says?

Christmas Party- December 2

Students and leaders, join us for this year’s Christmas party, “Holiday Havoc!” This event will be filled with a variety of fun activities, including a small group lip sync contest, a spoons tournament, a Christmas cookie competition, and a gift exchange!

If you plan to participate in the “Roll, Swap, and Steal” gift exchange or the cookie decorating competition, you will need to bring a gift that is $10 or less and you will need to make and decorate cookies prior to the party and bring them with you! 

Date: December 2
Time: 7-10 PM
Location: HBC Chapel
Cost: $5

We are not providing dinner but we will be providing savory and sweet appetizers! 

Registration is open and you can sign up HERE!

Save the Date for WOL Intersect Camp- February 3-5!

Instead of going to Florida for Pursuit Camp this year, we are going to go to Ohio for Intersect Camp! More details to come and registration will open soon but save the date for this camp from February 3-5, 2023!