Youth Tomorrow Night at 6:45 PM

We are looking forward to our first youth group of the new year tomorrow night! During the month of January, we are beginning a new series called “Lasting Lyrics: What God Says About Our Music” which will focus on the significance of music in our respective lives. Tomorrow night, Pastor Nate is going to evaluate the question “Is music good?” We will be looking at Genesis 4:16-22, Matthew 26:30, and Ephesians 5:19 to present a Biblical case for the goodness of music.

Here are some questions to consider:

-Do you think that our God loves music? Why or why not?

-In what ways have you seen music useful in your life for good?

-If music has been used for good, the implication then is that it could be used for bad. Where could music be bad for us?

-What kind of wisdom parameters and boundaries would be good for us to consider so that we wisely enjoy this good gift that is music?

Winter Weekend of Awesomeness- Feb 2-4

Save the date for Winter Weekend of Awesomeness on Feb 2-4! Instead of going to Pursuit Camp or Intersect Camp this year, we are going to have Winter Weekend of Awesomeness in Lynchburg! This weekend will be filled with an intentional time of focused teaching and fun activities so make sure to save the date! Registration will open soon!

Sunday Morning Youth Series

On Sundays beginning January 7, Junior High and Senior High will be combined as we begin our in-depth study in the book of Job! If you pre-ordered an ESV Scripture Journal, they will be available to pick up on Sunday!