Heritage exists to make followers of Jesus Christ by living the Gospel life among the nations.

Jesus has done more for us than we could ever comprehend. If you have trusted in Christ, you stand before God as a new creation. You have been forgiven, honored, elevated, and secured as His beloved child for all time. For everlasting eons to come, we will stand before the throne of God singing and enjoying the worthiness of Jesus.

That is our destiny. In anticipation of that glory, we are called to obedience here and now as the living church of God. Jesus loves His church. It is the only thing He said He would personally build. How do we actively honor our Lord and build what Jesus loves?

-Pastor Nathan Smith

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The Four Quadrants of Life at Heritage

Hebrews 10:23-25


At Heritage, we encourage community through our Discipleship Communities (DCs).

What happens in a DC?

  • Regular prayer for one another
  • Study God’s Word together
  • Experiencing life with others

DCs are open to anyone! You’re also welcome to visit a few of them before deciding which one to attend. You can find DCs based on your stage of life or by the service time. We also have cross-generational DCs that are available for all ages.


How do I join the church?

  • Attend New Connections
  • Interview with a pastor or deacon
  • Voted in by the congregation

Membership to a local church is crucial to our lives as Christians. God has created us, not as loners, but as a people united in Christ, so that He may be evident in our lives and community.

Therefore, we take membership seriously, and encourage all those interested in membership to attend our New Connections class where you will learn about HBC, our mission, and God’s desire for the church.


Why should I give?

  • Giving is a form of worship to Christ
  • Generous giving is a mark of maturity
  • There is joy in giving to Jesus & others
  • Giving helps ministry to continue

We know that giving is a touchy subject. Money is important to everyone, because it’s necessary for daily life. Therefore, when we give we are demonstrating, through an act of worship, that we believe Jesus is enough and we trust Him with our finances.

Click here to check out more on giving at HBC.


Why would I serve at church?

  • Expression of God’s grace
  • Encourage the body of Christ
  • The joy found in serving others
  • Connect with others in the church

Heritage has over 100 ways for you to serve at the church & in the community.

No matter your schedule, abilities, or passions – we have a place for you to volunteer that will be of great benefit to the body of Christ locally & globally.

Click here to see our volunteer opportunities or sign up for them today!

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