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Discipleship Communities

Our Mission here at Heritage is to “make followers of Jesus by living the gospel life among the nations” and we believe our Discipleship Communities will aid in accomplishing this vision. 

Join us on Sundays during any service hour! Our groups are open to anyone as we believe in having cross-generational communities of all ages. As you can see, we have outlined the primary demographic for each group to help you better connect! Jump in at any time, and please reach out and let us help – as we desire to see you live the gospel life within the context of community.


Discipleship Community Listings

 Select a class below to see details. Need help find the right DC for you? CLICK HERE for a quick survey. 


*For full descriptions on our DCs please see the below section titled “Communities by Meeting Times”.

YOUNG ADULT (18-25 yrs)
  • Converge | Time: 10:30am | Location: Chapel

College or those establishing themselves in the workplace

FAMILY (Adults with kids)
  • Engage (elementary age kids) | Time: 9:00am | Location: Algeria
  • Foundation (preschool-elementary age kids) | Time: 9:00am | Location: Awana Room
  • Fusion (nearly married – married with preschooler) | Time: 10:30am | Location: Japan
  • Lamplight (elementary age kids) | Time: 10:30am | Location: Syria
  • The Light (elementary age kids) | Time: 9:00am | Location: Japan
  • The Walk (teens) | Time: 9:00am | Location: The Refinery
  • The Orchard (newborn – elementary age kids) | Time: 10:30am | Location: The Refinery
ADULT (40-60 yrs)
  • Cross Trainers | Time: 10:30am | Location: Awana Room
  • Koinonia | Time: 9:00am | Location: Korea
  • ShareLife | Time: 9:00am | Location: Israel
SENIOR ADULT (60+ yrs)
  • Abundant Life (70-80 yrs)| Time: 9:00am | Location: Mexico
  • Amazing Grace (70-80 yrs) | Time: 8:00am | Location: France
  • Cornerstone (60-75 yrs) | Time: 9:00am | Location: Egypt
  • Growing in Grace (60 yrs +) | Time: 10:30am | Location: Algeria
  • Learning the Word | Time: 10:30am | Location: United Kingdom
  • New Life | Time: 9:00am | Location: Libya
  • Berean | Time: 10:30am | Location: Morocco
  • Legacy Builders | Time: 10:30am | Location: Egypt
  • Mathētai | Time: 10:30am | Location: Korea
  • Sonrise | Time: 8:00am | Location: United Kingdom
  • The Journey | Time: 9:00am | Location: Morocco *post-undergrad and up

Primarily consists of those who desire a multigenerational community