Nathan Smith - June 11, 2023

Sister - Persevere for your Complete Salvation is Coming

In this conclusion of a mini-series on women in the church, Pastor Nathan looks at 1 Tim 2:15. This difficult verse has caused confusion for men and women alike as it seems to indicate salvation by way of childbirth. Is this the case, or is there something else going on in Paul's writing? How does this verse relate the overall flow of his argument and what encouragement can be gleaned from this seemingly troublesome verse? If you have not already, please take time to listen to the previous teaching for full context of this controversial passage. Those other teachings may help answer questions that you have about this section of scripture. Final Mini-Series: Part 1 - Let a Woman Learn and Exercise Her Role Rightly Part 2 - A Needed Confession Concerning Male Roles Exercised Unjustly Part 3 - A Needed Understanding Concerning Females Roles Exercised in Dissatisfaction Part 4 - The Great Debate: What Can a Woman Do in the Church? Part 5 - Sisters -Persevere for Your Complete Salvation is Coming

Scripture References: 1 Timothy 2:11-15, Genesis 3:16

From Series: "1 Timothy"

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