The Heritage Journal

Let’s be honest, there is something about holding a book or magazine in your hand and reading that can’t be replicated in the digital world. 

That’s why we created the Heritage Journal, a quarterly magazine that will be available at church for you to pick up and take home. Read about the latest ministry and church updates, see pictures from around Heritage, find links to upcoming events, and more. 

Of course, if you prefer to read the journal on your tablet or phone you can download a pdf version below. 


Welcome & Contents

HBC Updates

How Can Children Serve in the Church?

Being the Church Page 1

Being the Church Page 2

When Sheep Bite

Global Ministries

Upcoming Events

HBC Resources

Life at Heritage

Back Cover

Focused on Christ 

Learn more about Focused on Christ by visiting the website where you can find links to your favorite podcasting app. You can also listen to the latest episode below!