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Stories of Faith

Stories of Faith

In Hebrews 11, often called the Hall of Faith, the author writes about men and women of the past who have demonstrated faith in a variety of ways. These are not perfect people, yet they are people God empowered for both incredible acts as well as difficult times of suffering; therefore, encouraging us in our faith and strengthening us to persevere.

Even today we find ourselves surrounded by men and women of faith whose love for Christ has influenced our own lives in a similar way. Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity to share about a person in your life whose faithfulness has impacted your walk with Jesus.

You can fill out the form below or watch this video for more details about this exciting opportunity to share a story and encourage the body of Christ.


Share a Story. Encourage the Body of Christ.

Who Influenced Your Walk with Jesus?

When you think of godly influences in your life, who comes to mind? Why did they make such an impact on your walk with Jesus? Was it something specific they did or maybe just the consistency of their walk with Christ that helped you understand Jesus better?

In 100 words or less, in the form provided, share a story about a person who influenced your walk with Christ.

Individuals to consider:

  • Someone who demonstrated a consistent, faithful walk with Jesus.
  • Someone who showed Christ’s love for others even when it was difficult to do so.
  • Someone who demonstrated Christ-like service to you or others.
  • Someone who clung deeply to Jesus while enduring suffering.

*Some stories may be used in an upcoming Journal and online. Published testimonies may be edited for space.