Pathway of Family Discipleship

The Pathway of Family Discipleship is designed to provide you, as a parent, the knowledge, resources, and support needed to disciple your family through every milestone of life. Hear more about the Pathway on this episode of the Alongside Podcast, featuring Pastors Nathan Smith and Kent Gregory.  Listen below or subscribe one your favorite podcast app. 

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Pathway Milestones


Family Dedication

Whether you are a new parent or have been one for years, this class will help equip you to be the primary discipler of your children. You will learn important parenting principles, roles, and rhythms to help your children understand Jesus and His Word. 


Salvation & Baptism

The most important privilege as a parent is introducing your child to Jesus. In this class, you will learn how to lead your children in intentional, Gospel-centered conversations by equipping you with biblical core truths and practical insights for sharing the Gospel with children. We will also provide details about baptism at Heritage. 


Preparing for Adolescence

Adolescence can be a hard time for kids and for parents, but it is also a crucial time for growth and maturity. This class will equip you, as a parent, to walk alongside your child while preparing them to engage with the world from a Gospel-centered perspective. 


Holistic Purity

Sex is not a dirty word when understood through the prism of the Bible. This class seeks to equip parents with a holistic approach to biblical sexuality that will foster healthy conversation and dialogue with their adolescents.


Holistic Personhood

There is great harmony and blessing found in the right understanding of biblical manhood and womanhood. This class will provide guidance in speaking and modeling to your kids a Christ-centered identity and the proper roles as men and women of faith.


Preparing for Independence

Your child’s graduation is on the horizon. Now what? This class will help equip parents to walk their teens through a coming adulthood that will honor the Lord. You and your child will learn both eternal truths and practical helps such as budgeting, resumé building, and meal prep. 


The Gospel Life

We were made for more than this life. God has written eternity into our hearts and has given His followers the task of sharing this eternity with others. This class provides a biblical framework for understanding your life in light of the great commission. 

Upcoming Classes

These classes are planned the be offered annually around the same time each year.

Jan 9, 2022 - Milestone 4

4-6pm in the Chapel 
No childcare is provided

Feb 20, 2022 - Milestone 5

4-6pm in the Chapel
No childcare is provided

Feb 27, 2022 - Milestones 1 & 7

3-6pm in the Chapel
Childcare is provided

Aug 7, 2022 - Milestone 6

4-6pm in the Chapel
No childcare is provided

Parenting Resources

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