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Service Times & Details

What’s New?

  • Kids Ministry only available at 10:30am
  • Registration is required weekly
  • Nursery/Preschool parents are required to serve once a quarter
  • Masks are required for school age kids

Registration opens on Wednesday of each week. 

Kids Ministry Reopening F.A.Q.s

General F.A.Q.s

We know there are many concerns and questions about reopening our kids ministry. You will find most answers to your questions below. 

What service is Kids Ministry available?

Nursery, preschool, and Elementary (Blast Zone) will be held during the 10:30 service only. You may begin dropping your child off at 10:15am. Please pick them up promptly after the service or your DC has concluded.

What is the church’s sick policy for kids?

If a child or someone in their household (or close contact) has a fever of 100.4 F or higher, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or loss of taste/smell, we ask that the child not be brought to church unless it has been 48 hours (without fever-reducing medication) since those symptoms have completely cleared up.

Do I need to register my child(ren) weekly to attend?

Yes, you do. You can find the registration here. Some weeks your child’s class may fill up faster than others. If you are unable to place your child in our care, you can know before Sunday based off of being able to register them or not.

Will there be weeks where some of my kids are able to be in a class and their siblings not?

Yes, this is a possibility due to the limitations on children’s room capacities. However, registering your children each week will allow you to know before Sunday morning if one of their rooms is unable to accept them that week. 

Will my child need to wear a mask?

For Kindergarten and up, we expect that all will wear masks.

Will I be notified if my child was in contact with someone in their class who later tested positive for covid?

While we will not share anyone’s name, we will be notifying those who need to know if their child was exposed.

I am visiting the church for the first time, do I need to register my kids too?

Yes, please! You can find the registration here between Wednesday-Sunday morning for each week’s service. Also, we’d encourage you to read through all the other questions above to have a better idea of what your child’s time will look like with us.

Nursery & Preschool F.A.Q.s

There are several important distinctions in regards to Adventure Kids Jr. Take a moment to read the questions below.

Will you be serving a snack?

To help lessen the possibility of germs being spread, we will not be providing a snack. 

Can I leave a diaper bag or backpack with my child?

We will no longer be accepting diaper bags into the rooms. We will provide the diapers that your child may need during their time with us. If your child needs a change of clothes, we are happy to provide that as well. Should we not have what fits your child or your child has special diapering needs, we will text you when a need arises.

How do you make sure your rooms have enough adults in them?

Great question! If parents have a child in nursery or preschool we are requiring that you serve in Adventure Kids Jr.   You can serve in your child’s room or you may request to not serve in their room, we are flexible. But, we do need your help! 

How can I help my check-in experience be touchless for nursery and preschool children?

Use the Church Center App to check in on your way to church each week. After you successfully check-in, you will be given a QR code to scan at our check-in desks. Your child’s sticker will print with no need to touch the computer.

What are the Nursery and Preschool room’s cleaning protocols?

After each service, all toys are submerged in a cleaning solution and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. In the nursery, all blankets and burp cloths are used for only one child each morning and washed each week.  

We will also be sanitizing each child’s hands when they enter the room. 

Will my child always be in the same room?

Due to the registration process, your child may be in a different room each week based upon availability and time of registration. In any case, we will do our best to provide a consistent environment in each room. 

Blast Zone F.A.Q.s

1st-6th graders will be meeting in a large group setting inside the gym. See answers below for more details. 

How will you keep kids socially distanced?

We have provided an “X” on the floor of the gym for each child who attends. These will provide the proper space for kids to sit, stand, and worship together.

During this time we will not have free time with games/activities available before the start of Blast Zone.

We will also not be having our small groups during Blast Zone.

What is the drop off process?

For Blast Zone, there will be one way into the gym and one way to exit the gym. The check-in process will be in the back of the gym and parents will have specific lines that they will need to wait in and they will follow the 6’ spaced marks on the floor.  They will be entering the back of the gym near the kitchen area, checking-in their child and then heading out the other double doors by the stage.

What is the pick-up process?

At the end of Blast Zone, the children will not be dismissed to go and find parents, but will only be dismissed from their “X” as their parent enters the back of the gym.  The parents enter through the doors where they dropped them off, then they will walk down the side of the gym as their child joins them and they will together exit the double doors by the stage.