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COVID 19 Update

Due to the widespread COVID infection in the greater Lynchburg region, Heritage will encourage the following on-campus precautions for all worship services and ministry activities in order to help mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Any decisions regarding COVID are considered with much prayer, seeking godly wisdom, and the seeking of counsel from a variety of sources. Other local entities from Liberty University (, to local medical facilities, an increasing number of schools, and also fellow churches have begun to institute further precautions to help curb the infection rate.


The official posture of Heritage towards the COVID pandemic continues in accordance with the following:

  1. Acknowledge – We acknowledge the realities of the COVID pandemic, but most importantly of God’s sovereign authority over the situation. We therefore will pray and act with these realities in mind.
  2. Accommodate – We will work to provide a variety of forums where people can still have access to the preaching of the Word, worship, and the community of believers. Options include the regular in-person services, a separate room where masks are required and there is social distancing, and our online services that are live streamed and also made available afterwards.
  3. Advance – We affirm that the church is critical to the proclamation of Christ and the wellbeing of God’s people. Accordingly, we will strive to advance the mission and the ministries of the church with creativity and intentionality.
Please continue to conduct yourselves in a manner that is worthy of Christ. May we all live in unity, love, kindness, joy, and hope. Blessings to you all as we continue forward as God’s people.

If you are volunteering at Heritage, we hope that you find this flow chart as a helpful tool concerning our COVID protocols.