HERITAGE baptist church

Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting

August 13, 2023

We invite all members to review the information on this page before the Annual Business Meeting on Sunday, August 13, at 12 PM. Here you will find the Annual Report to review the budget and videos of all deacon nominees. Please be sure to watch the videos and review the report before voting. Thank you for your faithful membership at Heritage!

Deacon Nominees

On August 13 we will be voting on new deacons. Get to know the 3 nominees in the videos below. 

Current Deacons:

  • Harvey Hartman (Chairman)
  • Keith Metzler* (Co-Chairman)
  • Steve Dobler
  • Matt Durand
  • Matt Hankins
  • Clay Harvey*
  • Nick Jensen
  • Chad Powell*
  • Bob Price
  • Jim Vernon

 *Rotating out of deacon position