spring 2022

Wednesday Night Gathering

Christian Belief // 6:45 pm in the Chapel

Welcome to Wednesday Night at HBC!

At Heritage, our beliefs are grounded upon the truth found in the Bible. We believe the Bible to be inerrant, infallible, and authoritative for all of life.

If someone asked you what God is like or why the Bible is trustworthy how would you respond? Do you feel confident about sharing your Christian beliefs or a little overwhelmed? This gathering will provide an overview of the key theological concepts that shape our faith, exploring what we believe and why we believe it and how it applies to everyday life.

  • After completing this study, our people will:
    • Understand the basic doctrines of Christianity
    • Understand and appreciate the need for sound doctrine in the life of the church
  • Practically, after completing this study as a church we will be able to
    • Articulate the basic doctrines of Christianity
    • Point to passages in the Bible that support each doctrine
    • More readily recognize false teaching
Details of Study
  • Format of Study
    • The gathering will be an hour and fifteen minutes starting at 6:45 pm and
      ending at 8:00 pm.
    • Global Worker Presentation | 15 minutes
    • Prayer time | 15 minutes (led by Jim Vernon)
    • Worship | 5 minutes
    • Creative Teaching | 40 minutes
  • Sessions are non-sequential and meet for 10 weeks
  • This study is the second part of a 3 part series finishing in the Spring (Christian Story, Christian Belief, Christian Formation).

Christian Belief : Know How the Story Informs Your Beliefs

1. Introduction What do Christians Believe? (Jan 5)
2. Who is God? Doctrine of God (Part I: The Trinity) (Jan 12)
3. What is God Like?​ Doctrine of God (Part II: The Attributes of God) (Jan 19)
4. How Do We Learn About God?​  Doctrine of Revelation (Jan 26)
5. How Did Life Begin?Doctrine of Creation and Providence (Feb 2)

6. What Does It Mean To Be Human?Doctrine of Humanity (Feb 9)
7. What is Sin?Doctrine of Sin (Feb 16)
8. What Is The Church? Doctrine of the Church & Its Mission (Feb 23) 
9. How Does God Save Us?Doctrine of Salvation (Mar 2)
10.  How Will It All End?Doctrine of Resurrection & Consummation of the Kingdom of God (Mar 9)

Global Workers Schedule

1. Ed and Anita (Jan 5)
2. Joshua and Taylor (Jan 12)
3. Nicholes (Jan 19)
4. Todd and Amy (Jan 26)
5. Dr. Gnanakan (Feb 2)

6. Nick and Rachel (Feb 9)
7. Landolls (Feb 16)
8. David and Jerra (Feb 23)
9. TBA (Mar 2)
10. Dave and Bonnie (Mar 9)

Christian Formation : Coming March 16 – May 18

The Teaching Team

Pastor Nathan Smith

Pastor Jeff Scott

Dr. Chris Gnanakan

Dr. Michael Smith

Dr. Gary Yates